Trousers, cardigan and coat: for years, this has been the standard trinity for men. This was no different for the twentieth century Zeeland male. His suit was made of sturdy, heavy fabric; as black and grey as the Zeeland clay. Strong and sturdy for heavy work, sober for Sundays and flamboyant for a party, complete with a bit of bling. In this fashion presentation, the Zeeuws Museum shows a variety of vests, trousers and fall front breeches. Especially the latter are still a source of inspiration for many fashionists. International fashion houses also showcase fall front breeches on the catwalk. The examples from Zeeland in the exhibition are complemented with photographs by Dutch (fashion) photographers and a selection of men's jewellery worn as part of the traditional Zeeland costume.

The picture at the top was made by Jaap Scheeren. Its design is by Hans Gremmen.