In the interests of the preservation of the collection, we kindly request you to adhere to the following rules:

  •  Do not touch any of the objects in the museum
  •  No smoking
  •  Do not use flash photography and a selfiestick
  •  Only to eat or drink in the museum café
  •  No dogs allowed (with the exception of service dogs)
  •  No rollerskating, skateboarding, cycling, etc.
  •  No mobility scooters (wheelchairs can be borrowed from the front desk)
  •  Place bags and rucksacks larger than A4 format in the lockers (your 1 or 2 euro coin will returned after use)
  •  Place umbrellas in the umbrella stands
  •  Provide at least 1 supervisor per 20 children for school group visits
  •  Follow the instructions given by the invigilators in an emergency

 We would appreciate it if you would:

  •  Silence your telephone
  •  Report any defects in the building to a member of staff
  •  Make any complaints using the special form available from the front desk.

CCTV is in use in the museum.

The general visitor conditions may be consulted at the front desk.