The six famous tapestries tell the story of Zeeland’s struggle against the Spaniards during the Eighty Years’ War. This unique series was commissioned by the States of Zeeland between 1593 and 1604.

teeming with stories

The Zeeuws Museum’s tapestries depict six battles from the Eighty Years’ War with burning ships and officers fleeing onto sandbanks. Each tapestry has a wealth of details and is teeming with stories.

Four weavers were commissioned by the States General to make the tapestries, which served to keep the warmth in, protect against drafts and to impress dignitaries from the other provinces.

Tapestry, battle at Bergen op Zoom

luctor et emergo

The tapestries depict various sea battles and include a portrait of William of Orange. Zeeland’s motto ‘Luctor et Emergo’ (I struggle and win) is a recurring motif. The message of the tapestries is that it was the Zeeland and not Holland that defeated the Spaniards!