Permanently on the Abdijplein

The Unveiling, 2016

Material: cast aluminium, cast bronze and wood. Location: Abdijplein From 15 October you will find two cannons on the Abdijplein in front of the Zeeuws Museum with a work by artist Sjuul Joosen.


In the seventeenth century there was a family of bronze casters in Zeeland called Burgerhuys who carried on the tradition of their forefathers. In their foundry in the refectory on the Abdijplein they cast bells, levers and artillery. They also made decorative cannons, two of which are now displayed on the Abdijplein. One signed by Michael Burgerhuys and the other by his son, Johannes Burgerhuys.

the unveiling

Sjuul Joosen’s sculpture represents the moment when a cast object is released from its mould. Father and son get the first glimpse of their decorative cannon. The work fuses contemporary themes with knowledge from the past. The two figures are wearing clothing worn by bronze casters today and are based on Sjuul Joosen and his own father and their father-son relationship.