The Zeeuws Museum would not be able to survive without the generous support of several foundations and funding bodies.

The Zeeuws Museum receives structural support from the Province of Zeeland and the Municipality of Middelburg.

occasional support

In recent years the Zeeuws Museum has received a substantial contribution from the VriendenLoterij, which enables the museum to make new acquisitions.


The VriendenLoterij is the leading cultural lottery in the Netherlands. It supports good causes in the cultural field and the preservation of Dutch cultural heritage.

Thanks to the support of several foundations, the museum is able to present a dynamic programme of temporary exhibitions and realise other projects.


The Mondriaan Fund is a publicly financed fund for visual art and cultural heritage. It supports innovative projects and activities by visual artists from the Netherlands and by Dutch and foreign institutions.

The VSBfonds makes financial contributions to social and cultural projects and provides bursaries.

A private Dutch fund that since 1998 has supported national and regional project-based initiatives in the fields of art & culture and youth & society. 

The Cultural Participation Fund (FCP) encourages active participation in artistic and cultural activities.

The cultural fund for architecture, design, digital culture and all possible crossovers.

The DELTA Zeeland Fonds makes donations to social projects, thus making a direct contribution to an energetic society.

Through the Sociaal Maatschappelijk Fonds the Rabobank  contributes to promoting a better quality of life in the region. It supports initiatives in the fields of welfare, culture, sport, integration and financial development.

The Fonds Sluyterman van Loo promotes the welfare of the elderly in the Netherland and the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom.

The DELA goededoelenfonds supports projects in which people with disabilities do good deeds for others.