The Zeeuws Museum has a permanent exhibition entitled This is Zeeland.


How do you tell the story of Zeeland in a relevant and appealing way with such a diverse collection? Ask ten Zeelanders what Zeeland is and you will get as many different answers. People from outside the province are mostly familiar with the clichés of girls in traditional costume, sun, sea and mussels. This is Zeeland covers all these and much more. Avoiding a strict chronology and other display conventions, the exhibition brings together numerous different perspectives on Zeeland’s history and culture.


For the exhibition design, the Zeeuws Museum has teamed up with the design duo Toon Koehorst and Jannetje in 't Veld. Their taste, ideas and use of materials match the high demands the museum places on its presentations.


The surprising and diverse display tells the story of Zeelanders across the centuries through hundreds of items from the collection, including new acquisitions and loans. It is a story of lives lived on land and at sea, during war and peacetime, at the centre of the political stage and in the wings, deserted and overcrowded.
Naturally, there is room in this story for masterpieces such as Jan Toorop’s Saying Grace, Piet Mondrian’s Blue Tree with Wavy Lines I and the famous Zeeland tapestries, which come into their own even better in the new context. Although the presentation mainly features historical pieces, there is also room for contemporary works. For example, the design collective We Make Carpets has made three installations from shells specially for This is Zeeland. The Zeeuws Museum has purchased filmmaker and visual artist Bojan Fajfrič’s work Unspoken Thoughts, created in 2015 in collaboration with people from the Moluccan community during a residency at Stichting IK in Oost-Souburg.

In each gallery you will find a QR code that enables you to view the information for that gallery on your smartphone. There is free wi-fi throughout the museum. The information about each gallery can also be found here.