The Zeeuws Museum presents the A Heart for Veere. Michiel Paalvast and the Bert Bakker collection exhibition with paintings, drawings and prints of De Schilders van Veere (The Painters of Veere).


Earlier this year former publisher Bert Bakker donated his extensive collection comprising 92 works of art to the Zeeuws Museum. The collection gives a splendid overview of the generations of artists who descended on Veere from the late nineteenth century to around 1961, the period in which the Delta works were constructed and the Veerse Gat dammed. Artists such as Dirk Koets, Willem Vaarzon Morel, Jan Heyse and Claire Bonebakker produced landscapes, townscapes, harbour views, still lifes or portraits in Veere.
The artists, also called Veeristen, shared a great love of the town and all facets of Veere as a muse are represented in the collection. The place continues to attract artists as demonstrated by the fact that a number of years ago contemporary painter

michiel paalvast

Michiel Paalvast deliberately chose to leave the Randstad conurbation and move to Veere. The Zeeuws Museum asked him to take on the role of exhibition curator. He is responsible for the concept and the design of the exhibition and will present a new installation for the occasion. The complete collection of De Schilders van Veere can be seen on the special website.