A Chinese lidded vase measuring over a meter in height, a series of guild tokens or the tusk of a mammoth?

Once refurbished our Chambers of Wonder in the attic will amaze you once again! With this exhibition, the museum celebrates the 250th anniversary of the Royal Zeeland Society of Science. The three cabinets display more than 100 exceptional objects collected by the people from Zeeland. The focus is on the relationship between art and science. For example, don’t just look at the design of the Chinese lidded vase, but also consider the production process of porcelain. How difficult would it be to get such a large vase out of the oven?
The work on the new interior design is a project of collaboration with artist Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk (Cirque de Pepin).

Please click here for the information on the present-day Chambers of Wonder.

The picture at the top was made by Jaap Scheeren. Its design is by Hans Gremmen.