What is the value and future perspective of traditional clothing today? Having considered this question for some time, the Zeeuws Museum has asked internationally renowned fashion designer Duran Lantink, who is known for transforming worn clothes into high-end catwalk looks, to provide an answer. To explore this question, the museum has put him in contact with clients of the Pennywafelhuis, an accessible community arts centre in Middelburg’s Dauwendaele neighbourhood, aimed mostly at new Zeelanders.

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Together Lantink and the clients of the Pennywafelhuis have deconstructed and reconstructed items of regional costume, resulting in surprising cross-pollinations. The collective process has created a veritable HOTCHPOTCH, interweaving Zeeland’s regional costume with creatives from various cultural traditions – all at home in contemporary Zeeland – providing a podium for their artistic qualities.

HOTCHPOTCH redefines what it means to be a Zeelander and re-evaluates materials and techniques in exciting new ways. The reinvention of traditional clothing and the exchange of creativity has led to sustainable products, elevating ‘cast-offs’ into works of art. By exploring their own knowledge and skills, the clients of the Pennywafelhuis have provided unforeseen and hopeful perspectives.


With important contributions from photographer Ari Versluis, artists fORMATS AND mECHANISMS and filmmaker Jip Mus, HOTCHPOTCH is a true visual spectacle, on display at the Zeeuws Museum from 22 April.