The Zeeuws Museum’s collection has recently been enriched by a very special gift: The Calling of St Matthew by Marinus van Reymerswaele (1490 Reimerswaal – 1545 Goes). Although little is known about the painter, he is considered one of the most important artists that Zeeland has produced. The work is in a very poor condition. The five individual planks that make up the work may once have been used as a cabinet. What can a museum do when it receives a work that cannot be returned to its original state?
The Zeeuws Museum has asked six contemporary artists to take inspiration from the damaged painting. The new works in In the Dark explore various aspects of the panel.


The participating artists are: Zachary Formwalt, Koen Hauser & Maarten Spruyt, Christian Jankowski, Marijn van Kreij, Katja Mater and Maarten Vanden Eynde.


In an accompanying series of lectures, scholars will explain how they interpret the scarce information about the work of this mediaeval painter. 


The campaign image is being made by Koen Hauser and Maarten Spruyt.