Walk along the Roman coast from north to south and discover how the Romans and others inhabitants lived and worked there two thousand years ago. See their weapons, treasures, household items and commodities. The Dutch coastline from Texel to Zeeland was very important to the Romans for trade and military strategy. The exhibition Roman Coast was organised by the National Museum for Antiquities in Leiden in partnership with Hazenberg Archeologie and was shown previously at Huis van Hilde in Castricum and at the Muzee in Scheveningen.


The Zeeuws Museum has adapted the exhibition, shifting the focus to archaeological finds from Zeeland and South Holland. Zeeland was important to the Romans for the production of allec, a salty fish sauce that was an indispensible addition to many meals. The exhibition also focuses on Nehalennia, Zeeland’s goddess of seamen and traders.  


The Zeeuws Museum has commissioned filmmakers Urbi et Orbi to make a film about the virtual reconstruction of Roman Aardenburg. Both the film and the reconstruction can be seen in the exhibition. Bring the whole family and let your children build a Roman temple with Kapla blocks and participate in the special colour contest.

Exhibitions text booklet 

More information on the exhibition and its objects you will find in this download booklet.