As part of De Mix Nederland, in which historical photographic collections serve as inspiration for contemporary photographers, Our Village and the Sea opens at the Zeeuws Museum and at Middelburg railway station just before the summer holidays. For this Zeeland edition, Walcheren-born artist Annegien van Doorn (1982) responds with new photographs to the work of Neeltje Flipse-Roelse (1921-2008).

From the age of fifteen, Neeltje Flipse-Roelse employed a sharp eye and a great sense of humour to document decades of local life in the coastal village of Westkapelle. Annegien van Doorn is fascinated by these photographs. What does this place mean for the locals today and how decisive is the sea when you live so close to it? Using her parents’ home in Serooskerke as a base, she has tracked down numerous (former) villagers, each with their own story. She has translated them into a playful series of photographs that speak to the imagination, enhanced by snippets of their conversations.

The exhibition is in two parts, with displays at the Zeeuws Museum and in a prominent spot at Middelburg railway station, thanks to De Mix Nederland’s partners NS and ProRail.

About De Mix Nederland

De Mix Nederland is an initiative of the Beeldmix Foundation together with NS and ProRail, supported by the Mondriaan Fund and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. ‘With every edition of De Mix, historical photo collections are used as a source of inspiration for contemporary Dutch photographers,’ says Rafaël Philippen of the Beeldmix Foundation. ‘We try to make exciting, stimulating and sometimes tender combinations, resulting in a surprising voyage of discovery through the Netherlands past and present.’ |