H.E.L (Dutch for Hell) is one of the abbreviations used by Jan Huijszoon (1798-1870), better known as Jan de Prentenknipper (Jan the Print Cutter). Although his decorative, cut-out prints are full of biblical references, this abbreviation actually stands for ‘Hoop en Liefde’ (Hope and Love), two themes that dominated his harsh life. With no permanent home, he and his family roamed the islands that make up Zeeland. The exhibition gives as complete a picture as possible of the life and work of this folk artist, who is considered a provincial icon in Zeeland. His work can be found in museum collections, but many of his prints are also in private collections. Bringing them together not only reveals the unique artistic quality of his work but also grants us an insight into life in Zeeland in the nineteenth century. The museum has invited Illustrator Masha Krasnova to depict Jan de Prentenknipper’s eventful life in her typical style.